R32 refrigerant is an one-component substance • Darment (2023)

R32 refrigerant is an one-component substance • Darment (1)

R32 is gaining popularity as a low temperature refrigerant and substitutive gas in R410A applications. It’s carbon footprint is lower than that of most other HFC substances. Compared to R410A, for example, it is three times more environmentally friendly (GWP 675).

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R32 refrigerant applications and use

R32 is suitable for industrial refrigerant applications, air conditioning systems of residential buildings and air source heat pumps. It has already been used to replace R410A, which is commonly used in air source heat pumps.

The F-gas Regulation prohibits the use of gases that accelerate global warming in air conditioning devices that contain less than 3.0 kg of refrigerant. In practice, the Regulation applies to all conventional air pumps/air source heat pumps.

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The current air source heat pump R410A is a mixture of R32 and R125 at a mass ratio of 50/50. The ban will take effect at the beginning of 2025, but manufacturers have already taken steps to prepare for the future.

As a flammable refrigerant, it is not suitable to serve as a direct replacement for R410A. R32’s flammability must be taken into account in recovery. The substance only ignites at concentrations of 14–30%, however.

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It can be replaced with R410A, which is also an outgoing refrigerant.

R32 refrigerant price

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